FOOMA JAPAN 2017 | Long sleeve uniform pursuing ease of movement and comfort “easymove clothes” – Sunpexist Co., Ltd.

Sunpexist exhibited long-sleeved jumper “easy-to-move clothes” pursuing mobility and comfort at FOOMA JAPAN 2017. Easy-to-move clothes is a long-sleeved jumper for food factories pursuing both mobility and comfort. It was developed jointly with Shinsh
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FOOMA JAPAN 2017 | Mat Moist Uniform & Full Face Cool Inner – Kunitachi Co., Ltd.

Kunitachi exhibited “Matt moist uniform & full face cool inner” at FOOMA JAPAN 2017. ● “Mat Moist uniform” The biggest feature is a yellow bias tape on the end of the waist inner to have “awareness specification” which makes it easy to
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