“N-EXPO 2014 TOKYO” is an exhibition of various techniques and services corresponding to various problems of the environment.
It feature the theme of “development of the environmental business” sequentially last year, and aim for the development of stability of the people and the eco-business.
Four days of from Tuesday, May 27, 2014 to 30th Friday. The venue is Tokyo Big Sight.

The official homepage of N-EXPO 2014 TOKYO :https://www.nippo.co.jp/eng/n-expo014/

Biogas generation plant – BTS Biogas Srl

BTS Biogas Srl is exhibited Biogas generation plant in 2014 prevention of global warming exhibition. They introduce a plant for generating electricity by methane fermentation using local biomass. By utilizing methane fermentation digestive liquid actively as liquid fertilizer for
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Aluminum sorting machine, Nonmetal separator – AEM CO.,LTD

AEM CO.,LTD exhibits Aluminum sorting machine, Nonmetal separator in N-EXPO 2014 TOKYO. They introduce a machine that can sort aluminum, steel, plastic bottles with the magnetic force. Website:http://www.dia.janis.or.jp/~la7/ Hello The product of this place performs the selection
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Crane for metal scraps “epsilon” – Maruma Technica Co., Ltd.

Maruma Technica Co., Ltd. exhibits Crane for metal scraps “epsilon” in N-EXPO 2014 TOKYO They introduce metal scrap crane reducing the weight in miniaturization. Website:http://www.maruma.co.jp/ Hi there I will introduce the “epsilon” today. This crane is
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Tire-4 Interim engine “1204E-E44TTA” – Shikoku Construction Equipment Sales, Ltd.

Shikoku Construction Equipment Sales, Ltd. exhibits Tire-4 Interim engine “1204E-E44TTA” in N-EXPO 2014 TOKYO The introduction of the diesel engine by Perkins, Inc. that can be used crusher, hydraulic excavators and the diesel generato
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Exogenous material sorter “Flight screen” – Techno Links Co., Ltd.

Techno Links Co., Ltd. exhibits Exogenous material sorter “Flight screen” in N-EXPO 2014 TOKYO They introduce a device to sort foreign material efficiently by a special rollers. Website:http://www.techno-l.biz/ Is Techno Links. I will introduce the flight screen. It
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Piranha Pail – Onodera Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Onodera Manufacturing Co., Ltd. exhibits Piranha Pail in Tire-4 Interim engine “1204E-E44TTA” – Shikoku Construction Equipment Sales, Ltd. They introduce a bucket that can be used for forestry and demolition work with one, of the “scoop” and
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