Coffee Expo Seoul 2014

“Coffee Expo Seoul 2014″ is the exhibition about coffee, coffee-related product, food, machinery and shop facility in Korea. The fourth world supermarket barista championship, coffee expo Seoul conference are held at the same time. A session is four days of Sunday for from Thursday, April 10, 2014 to 13th. The venue is COEX, Korea.

The official homepage of Coffee Expo Seoul 2014:

Fruitea Portion Smoothie – Sami Global Taste Corporation

Fruitea Portion Smoothie – Sami Global Taste Corporation Hello, it is Sami Global Taste Corporation. We are companies supplying the various raw materials which are usable for the cafe business including the drink base and smoothie base. There is four taste of
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CAFE ROSTO PRO1 – IMEX CORPORATION LTD. Hello. We are companies of the coffee roast machine called IMEX. Our product, called pro-one, is the machine which can automatically roast coffee beans up to 1 kilo, or 800 grams by manual operation. The characteristic of this machine
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HANKOOK COFFEE – HANKOOK COFFEE I am Yong Kwang Jun of HANKOOK COFFEE. There are two kinds of the commercial and special to coffee. It is special, and there are both the sweetness of coffee and the bitterness, and the taste is abundant, too. A commercial has few both
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Espro Press – CAFE SOLUTION Hello, we are cafe solution. We are companies importing coffee articles. In addition, it is a company importing German COMANDANTE grinders exclusively. Espro Press is the product based on espresso. Form is same as French press. As for the normal
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Cyclone CQ-400R – c cube

Cyclone CQ-400R – c cube It is c cube Co., Ltd. This product is a machine called Cyclone. It is a machine removing garbage occurring at the time of a roast. The existing machine became the structure that dust collected, but in this machine, dust cannot be stacked. With the
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VERSA TILE PRO – HLI BRAND DEVELOPER We are HLI. We import and sell a machine from Spanish ZuMEX company. This is a machine to prepare the orange juice. It divide orange into half when I just cast an orange into a machine. And it make orange juice. In the general machine,
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Juliet’s Tear – CAFE ROMEO

Juliet’s Tear – CAFE ROMEO Hello, we are CAFE ROMEO. We are companies selling Dutch coffee. The recommended product is ” tears of Juliet ” for five. This is a product of 500 ml, and the valve is made by stainless steel. It is a product to pour coffee into
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PRESSO SMART ROASTER – KORDIA We are companies developing a coffee roast machine. Our coffee roast machine has a characteristic to be able to show roasting quality in equivalence, in one-touch, from beginning to end. It is useful in the general family or in the small cafe,
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