Food Distribution 2017 | A large scale logistics center which is also available for food distribution: GLP company profile & introduction of Nagareyama project – Global Logistics Properties Inc.

GLP is doing development and lease business that specializes logistics facility. In newly development, there is not only a multi-tenant facility which several companies can move into but also “build-to-suit (BTS) facility” which is dedicated to one company. Furthermore they obtain old warehouses and renovate. As the facility used by people concerned about food company, the scale of that is 27 buildings and 510,000 square meters as of 2017. Among them, Nagareyama project, located in Chiba prefecture has a facility which can be used as food processing factory, also available for heavy loads like beverages and large scale logistics like delivery to stores.

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    Hello, my name is Koma from Global Logistic Properties.
    So am I, my name is Kusahara.
    Today we would like to explain about our company profile and distinctive properties.
    We are a real estate company which specialized in development and management of logistic facilities.
    We are building approximately 4 logistic facilities per year.
    Currently, we have developed and owned 112 facilities in Japan.
    Let us explain about the main business with this panel.
    One of them is development business which develops new properties.
    The development of logistics facility as multi-tenant for multiple customers is the most business.
    In addition, another new business is build-to-suit which is dedicated to one company.
    Next we would like to explain about another business, acquisition existing properties.
    There are roughly 3 types.
    First of all, Sales-and-Lease back. This is a business which customers sell facilities like warehouses to us but can keep using them for rent.
    The balance sheet will be improved by this and they don’t need to change their facilities.
    Secondary is Owner-Change type. Customers can obtain funds by selling unnecessary warehouses or warehouses that is considered to transfer so it’s possible for them to move to other properties.
    Lastly is Acquisition business. We buy and renovate old warehouses that are hard to use or impossible to lend it to somebody.
    And then, we renew to lend them to other companies.
    By these 3 business, the advantages for customers are that they can raise funds to use for their core business by selling unnecessary assets.
    This map is showing properties that we develop and manage.
    Out of these, there are 27 buildings in Japan which are used by food-related companies.
    They use approximately 510,000 square meters.
    There are 12 buildings in Kanto region for lease.
    In Kansai region, 6 buildings.
    Out of these, we would like to explain about GLP Nagareyama project in Kanto region today.
    That is a large scale project with 3 buildings in total and the total floor area is 90,000 square meters.
    Let us explain about quality of each properties.
    First of all, GLP Nagareyama 1 has plumbing, intake and exhaust air conditioning and gas supply. It is also available to move in as food processing center which is increasing high demand recently and it’s definitely efficient management.
    Regarding GLP Nagareyama 2, it has good quality with low-floor berth and 2 ton floor load. Thus it can be expected for carry by forklift heavy loads like beverages.
    GLP Nagareyama 3 has 1st and 3rd floor access so whole 2 floors are available for large scale logistics like delivery to stores.
    All these 3 properties have freezing/refrigerating facility and air conditioning.
    That’s all for our company profile and Nagareyama project.
    Customers who are looking for warehouse for rent.
    Customers who would like to sell rental warehouse.
    We are dealing in all parts of Japan so please feel free to contact us.
    We are looking forward to good business relationship with you. Thank you.