30th Interphex Japan | Cell transport carry box “Vibration reducing apparatus for walking transport FD-80-SR” – Takigen Mfg Co., Ltd.

Kunitachi exhibited “Matt moist uniform & full face cool inner” at FOOMA JAPAN 2017.
To reduce the variety of vibration that occur during the transport of the cells in culture, Takigen Mfg introduce a carry box which is possible to keep the same temperature as the body temperature a certain period of time, without an electrical control. It has the features of “Vibration relief apparatus of the damper and the coil spring”, “front and rear parallel strap to adjust horizontaliness while walking”, “package to keep the temperature requirements at given time (TACPack)”. Further, it is possible to develop customized to fit the container and weight.

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  • Script

    “Form the feelings of the field site”
    “Make one if there aren’t”
    Those are our motto and we listen to customer demands.
    This is our result of the shape the needs of customers and it has become a such a thick catalog.
    I will introduce the products of customer requirements.
    This is a vibration reducing apparatus for walking transport.
    Is a product in which the needs of our customers who are having worries to leakage, liquid splashes in the cell transport in 24-well plates.
    At first glance, it is a normal box, but subjected to measures of vibration and temperature.
    As for the vibrations, it aligned to damper and a coil spring as this.
    It reduces vibration without the use of electrical potentially control, to prevent leakage, liquid splashes.
    The next feature is this shoulder belt.
    When you use the normal shoulder belt, the case lean according to the figure.
    This time it was ingenuity to strap, you can keep horizontally to fit the person.
    Subsequently, as for the temperature, it has adopted the “TACPack” of Tamai Kasei. It can transport while maintaining the temperature of your demands on a certain period of time.
    This is the “TACPack”.
    It uses this as the blue heat storage material, to keep the temperature inside constant.
    This product is for the purpose of walking transport, so it’s weight and size is carriable by a person in a train or vehicle.
    In fact, transport company Seruto performs a transportation test between Tokyo and Osaka, we can see that there is no leakage, liquid splashes.
    In this way we do productization of the needs of our customers every day.
    We look forward to your request.
    Thank you very much.