FOOMA JAPAN 2017 | Long sleeve uniform pursuing ease of movement and comfort “easymove clothes” – Sunpexist Co., Ltd.

Sunpexist exhibited long-sleeved jumper “easy-to-move clothes” pursuing mobility and comfort at FOOMA JAPAN 2017.
Easy-to-move clothes is a long-sleeved jumper for food factories pursuing both mobility and comfort. It was developed jointly with Shinshu University. Sunpexist succeeded in reducing the motion burden by 37%, compared with the conventional product, by repeatedly devising such as eliminating the joint of the sleeve attachment portion and making the back biased cutting specification. In addition, Sunpexist made it comfortable by making the material of the cuff ribs softer and also making the sleeve length a little longer.

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  • Script

    When entering the food factory, uniform is necessary to wear.
    In order to prevent contamination of foreign matter, people try to squeeze cuffs, tighten ankles, attach inner cover, so that hair does not go out.
    However, for that reason people feel cramped, even just a little moving, there are feelings that stick around the back.
    There is a uniform that solved those problems in a stroke.
    That is Sunpexist’s “easy-to-move clothes”.
    The feature of the product is, with collaborative research with Shinshu University Textile Undergraduate Sensory Engineering Course, the development of a uniform that allows people to move their arms without resistance.
    Such as eliminating the seams at the sleeve attachment part and making the back biased-cut, the operational burden was reduced by 37% compared with the conventional product.
    Then I will ask the model to talk.
    Could you move the arm a little?
    What is it like?
    I can move my arm smoothly.
    Next, move it back and forth.
    I feel almost nothing of the friction so I can easily move it.
    It is wonderful.
    This product improved the comfortness, such as making the sleeve a little longer, making the material of the cuffs soft.
    In addition, we added a new color of sax blue and green to the jumper CD 652. It became possible to color-code by uniforms against yellow sand pollution and allergen.
    Please make inquiries for everyone who intends to make food safety more robust and to have employees work comfortably.