FOOMA JAPAN 2017 | Mat Moist Uniform & Full Face Cool Inner – Kunitachi Co., Ltd.

Kunitachi exhibited “Matt moist uniform & full face cool inner” at FOOMA JAPAN 2017.
● “Mat Moist uniform” The biggest feature is a yellow bias tape on the end of the waist inner to have “awareness specification” which makes it easy to find the inner bulge. It is easy to point out the inner protrusion. It adopt clothing used even in nurse clothes, pursuing soft and comfort, and also hard to see through. Jersey material is also used for fasteners of the wrist / ankle inner, with less oppression. ● “Full Face Cool Inner” It adopt Gunze ‘s heat dissipating and cool feeling material “RADI COOL (R)” to enhance the refreshing feeling. Kunitachi modified the width, stretchability, shape of the portion around the face, while maintaining hermeticity and durability of washing, realized comfortable comfort.

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  • Script

    This item is a product called “Mat Moist.”
    It’s release date is scheduled from the beginning of July.
    The feature of this product is pursuing the smoothness and moist feeling of the fabric and the goodness of the touch.
    Also, as a feature, the part to hide zipper is fly front.
    Because there is a possibility that the fastener may be damaged or become dirty without fly front.
    So, you can reduce breakage and dirt by covering it a wing style.
    And the largest responce from our customers is that the hoods are lifted from the neck.
    So, in order to solve it, it does not come out from the neck by attaching the tapey snap button.
    Then, we reduced sewing stitches on the surface of this uniform as much as possible.
    With sewing, up to now, fraying will easily occur due to rubbing by washing.
    The fray will cause product tampering.
    By reducing the number of stitches as much as possible, fray can be reduced even after washing.
    We have introduced “awareness specification” as our first design this time.
    This part.
    There are a lot of cases of customers that visit factories.
    At that, there were a lot of cases that noticed that waist inner hanged outside the pants.
    What is important as a measure against hair contamination is to wear properly.
    Therefore, by wearing a color tape, which is conspicuous, around the waist circumference, we think it has the effect of attention.
    This time I attach a noticeable yellow color.
    Also, in the uniforms, conventional uniforms with side rubber had a short length.
    At this design, by extending the length, it become a specification that can hide buttocks.
    Regarding the functionality, it features the texture of the fabric, I introduced earlier.
    Also, since it is a white fabric, I think there is a problem of being transparent, but we use materials that are hard to see through.
    In addition, it has cleanliness function and SR processing which makes it easy for dirt to fall.
    And because it is also good for water absorption, it has a function to absorb sweat and release it.
    Also, because the material is also hard to wrinkle, and it will be very easy to clean and durable.
    Regarding this uniform, we are also preparing the color of blue and green, besides white.
    As for this inner cap, cool type is added, besides the full face type which has been proven.
    As a feature, I use Radi-cool which is heat dissipation material, around neck and forehead.
    People says that “Full face type makes sense and I am considering adoption, but it is hot and can not wear. Is there anything cooler?”
    There were quite a lot of voices from customers.
    It is a product called Radi-cool which is developed to solve them.
    As you can see, especially around the face and around the neck, heat is accumulated. So it can get more comfort than before by using RadiCool in that place.
    Using this Radi cool as an inner cap, there are knit type and mesh type.
    Because the knit type is easier to hold heat, we uses a Radicool to forehead, around face and the around neck.
    Since mesh type, material originally is breathable, we use Radi-cool only around the face.
    Compared to the conventional full-face inner cap, we made the wide design around face.
    Durability are improved and it fit more.
    It has glasses slots on this inner cap.
    Conventionally, when putting on glasses, temple was inserted into the inner cap.
    Doing so, it will be gaps around face.
    The risk of falling hair and foreign objects will be increase.
    Basically, it can not open a gap around the face. People who use eyeglasses are also designed to fit cap firmly by inserting eyeglasses from the side without opening the gaps around the face.
    By doing this, hair countermeasures is done firmly from the inner cap.
    As our company, we are making products with customer’s voice first.
    Among them, recently we are making products, based on hair consulting and the voices of various customers.
    The most important thing is that wear is most important for hair contamination countermeasures.
    In such circumstances, we are trying to create a product, based on opinions from customers, which is more effective. We want to be a company that will benefit our customers by all means.
    Thank you very much in the future.