2017 MOBAC Show | Vacuum quantitative filling machine “STUFFWELL” – Hi-Tech Co., Ltd.

Hi-Tech Co., Ltd. exhibits Vacuum quantitative filling machine “STUFFWELL” in 2017 MOBAC Show

“Stuffwell” is the filling machine to send a quantitative various things, not only meat products, but also bread dough and meat, prepared foods.
You can choose two types of small (50) and large (222, 219), depending on production volume and space.
The adoption of state-of-the-art “vane pump”, to prevent an increase in temperature of the input raw material, can be discharged in damage without quantitative without kneading meat.
Further, the internal hopper equipped with a screw feeder, can be used up without waste material. In order to facilitate the cleaning work, it has the feature of a structure in which the hopper fall.

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  • Script

    Hello My name is Nakamura from Hi-Tech.

    Our company is a manufacturer that has top share of sausage filling machine .

    This time we have exhibited at the mobac show of confectionery and bread industry in order to inform our products.

    Now we will introduce vacuum quantitative filling machine the “stuffwell”.

    Features of our filling machine is that it has a built-in vacuum pump.

    The filling is pulled from the hopper to the vane pump by the vacuum, it can be sent quantitatively in the state that have not been kneaded.

    Hopper opens like this.

    Here of the vane pump quantify and send them.

    It draws vacuum from here.

    Here is a vacuum trap.

    By pulling with a vacuum pump, it can be sent to the quantified in the state that have not been kneaded in the vane pump

    And as for the description of the control screen.

    Product selection screen.

    Such registration can be made up to a maximum of 50 types.

    Just select the name of the product to be manufactured, it comes out setting screen.

    This product is referred to as the “stuffwell 50″.

    Maximum feed per hour is about 2t.

    This is the smallest type, but we offer “stuffwell 219″, the one-hour amount of the hopper to the other 250 liter, and “staff-well 222″ that can be up to 5t.

    This time that the exhibition of the confectionery bread, we are a demonstration of the depositor to split such a dough to a certain amount.

    Then weigh it.

    60.3g, 60.3g, 60.8g, 60.3g.

    In this way you can fill the dough to quantify.

    Our forte is the filling of sausage.

    Usually we do the production of sausage with a such a twisting apparatus.

    If you make the sausage, put sheep intestines, bowel of pigs, or the collagen casing.

    Put a foot switch, it comes out meat by adding a twist, such as one rotation or two rotations in quantitative.

    Besides, by attaching such a hamburger molding machine, it is also possible to make a hamburger that was of the same form in the constant weight.

    SPS (Sunny pump system) is also exhibited.

    The device does not have the facility of quantitative and vacuum. It is a simple device to send the meat.

    However, this is possible to send a variety of materials, such as jam and chocolate as well as meat.

    Because it uses a vane pump, less likely to become kneaded. You can send a 2t per hour.

    The capacity of the hopper can be made up to 1t, you can use in large-scale factory.

    Although our company has been manufacturing the sausage filling machine, and also we are challenging the transfer of such a variety of material.

    If you have trouble that a material can not transfer well until now, or if there is a material that you want to transfer in quantitative, please feel free to contact us. We offer a demo machine.

    Now we can send the material that did not send, such as Negitoro or the clay, it have been pleasing to our customers in a variety of fields.

    We look forward to that challenge.

    For the test and demonstration, we have business trip actively in even Japan all nation, the world countries.

    If you have what you want to transfer to something try, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Thank you very much.