2017 MOBAC Show | Caramel coating machine KRS + CC type – Kajiwara Inc

Kajiwara Inc exhibits Caramel coating machine KRS + CC type in 2017 MOBAC Show
Kajiwara exhibits coating machine for such as caramel nuts, caramel popcorn. The unique mechanism that was developed for the caramel almond, finish the caramel almonds every grain. From low speed to high-speed, for to match the product, you can freely set stirring speed. Stirring part is easy to handle safety and hygienic design. Mounting, removal of the wing is also easy.

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  • Script

    For caramel nuts and caramel coating, we introduce you to a special heating and stirring machine, “KRS + CC-type”.
    The best feature is the caramel coating for every grain uniformly.
    By its own stirring mechanism that was developed in caramel nuts, you can roast core of the nuts uniformly without scorching.
    Cooked in water, input of nuts, coating, roasted, cooled, it is the production facilities of the all-in-one batch to accomplish all of the steps.
    As for our original mechanism, by a small blade and unique comb teeth, it can stir uniformly with less damage.
    Further, since this system cooled the kettle in original way, you can control the cool speed.
    The combination of cooling and the previous agitation method, at the end of the process it can make a beautiful luster caramel nuts with every grain isolated.
    Estimated production capacity is about 20 kilograms with 30 percent of sugar.
    You can produce about 15 kg at a rate 40% of the sugar.
    As for the kind of caramel nuts, there is also a production record of the peanut in addition to the almond.
    Taking advantage of this technology, there is a record in the caramel coating of popcorn and solid coating, such as the sugar coating of nuts.
    Please contact us if you have any interest.