2017 MOBAC Show | Multiple-nozzle, high-speed piston filling machine and small transfer pump – Unifiller Japan

Unifiller Japan exhibits Multiple-nozzle, high-speed piston filling machine and small transfer pump in 2017 MOBAC Show
New product of “mass-produced, multiple-nozzle, high-speed piston filling machine” is the high-speed piston filling machine; time production capacity about up to 75 per minutes, 30,000 pcs per hour. The size is compact, incl a conveyor. From liquid to solids, high viscosity, it can handle with. Same of new products, “small transfer pump”, is a simple pump and space-saving. For not to overflow the food to be sent to the destination of the filling machine hopper or tank, it adapt the smooth pumping technology to transport quickly without compromising the quality. It is available each model of 1t and 2t, 4t, accordings to time transfer capability. It have also been used in the fisheries, meat, pickle industry. Next time those will also be exhibited on the “FABEX 2017″, “FABEX Kansai 2017″.

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  • Script

    We are a comprehensive manufacturer, which is dealing with transport pump and filling machine.
    This is a desktop machine.
    Large-scale machine and automatic machine, and there is a type that moves up and down.
    Filling machines we handled is about 30 models in conjunction with the pump.
    This time we introduce the type of “multi-station”.
    This machine is capable of about 30,000 filling in one hour.
    Liquid, high viscosity material, and other solids can be filled with.
    Here, assuming the goods of cream-based, we do a demonstration now.
    Those that form and shaping of the bar.
    You can also do this round form.
    And, feature is this pump.
    It became very compact, compared to conventional machines.
    To start, this way, put the pump.
    Here comes with the remaining sensors.
    The remaining amount sensor senses the liquid surface, so that you do not overflow goods.
    This is also one of the features of our machinery.
    This model is the type of “multi-station m600″.
    Now it has the 6 nozzles, but there is also a high-end models of 8 nozzles.
    Then, we will introduce a new type of machine.
    Here is a pump.
    This is a filling machine.
    It is also possible to fill in the handgun.
    In this way our company is a comprehensive manufacturer of the filling machine and pump.
    From Hokkaido to Okinawa, we recommend that you can try with the machine.
    Please contact us of all means.
    Thank you.