Image_Sensing_Show_2015 | USB3Vision compliant cable for machine vision – Hirakawa Hewtech Co., Ltd.

Hirakawa Hewtech Co., Ltd. exhibits USB3Vision compliant cable for machine vision in Image Sensing Show 2015
Hirakawa Hewtech introduced a cable that specializes in industrial equipment wiring for PC with a Standard-A terminal and the FA camera connection with Standard-B terminal and a Micro-B terminal.

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    Hi there
    Today, we will introduce USB and coax.
    First, point of probrem in the USB is thought to be the distance of transmission.
    In our new product, up to 15 meters.
    Because it is up to 3 meters in the USB standard, it is recommended for customers having problems with length.
    It also has a variety of variations, including the angle.
    Cable has two types of Standard type, high-flex type.
    As for Angle, Left Angle or Right Angle.
    It will answer to the various request.
    Continued, I will introduce coax press cable.
    Coax press cable is with BNC and din type connector.
    Otherwise we also can introduce the cable assembly that correspond to the three connectors on the mini-BNC.
    We have a variety of lineup of cable also from RG719 to 5C.
    Also in assembly state, including cable of such round of cable or flat shape, we can accommodate a variety of needs.
    We also offers jacket of low-dust type.
    Please by all means ordering.