Image_Sensing_Show_2015 | 4K camera module “FCB-ER8300″ – Kyoshin Communications Inc.

Kyoshin Communications Inc. exhibits 4K camera module “FCB-ER8300″ in Image Sensing Show 2015
Kyoshin Comunications introduced the camera module that corresponds to the video output of up to HD, achieved 20 times zoom in 4K resolution.

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  • Script

    Hi there
    We exhibit this time, a 4K block camera released June as a new products from Sony.
    FCB series, conventional as NTSC or HD of Sony, is a camera module with a zoom lens for the built-in, which sells long time.
    Here 4K cameras came out newly.
    It is a camera module with a optical lens of 12 times.
    Video of 4K30p will appear.
    Also a new as Sony, it is equipped with a super-resolution zoom of “super-resolution technology / clear image zoom”.
    It can capture at very high magnification.
    The size is very small.
    We also thinking applications to be attached to the camera platform, build-in small camera, or security camera.
    This is the video of 4K now.
    You can see that it is very clean image.
    I will switch to the video of high-definition, that has been launched conventionally.
    Sensitivity is good, but it got crushed characters.
    I think that you see the wellness of 4K resolution.
    We find very different thing of representation condition of character that had collapsed or expression of cans behind.
    I think you can see the quality of the camera performance.
    Because it is still the first camera as 4K block camera, we feel very fun what the market becomes.
    Please contact us if you are interested by all means.