Image_Sensing_Show_2015 | Near-infrared line camera “NIRLine-2K” – Vision Sensing Co Ltd.

Vision Sensing Co Ltd. exhibits Near-infrared line camera “NIRLine-2K” in Image Sensing Show 2015
Vision Sensing introduced the camera of high-speed line scan operation, using the absorption and permeability of the light, a characteristic of the near-infrared camera.

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    Hi there
    This time we will introduce in the near infrared line camera.
    As for this camera, the number of pixels is 2048 pixels.
    It is the near-infrared camera with scan rate of sensitivity in the 0.9 to 1.7 micro in the wavelength range of the fastest 10 kilohertz.
    Feature is fast line rate of 10 kilohertz.
    And it shoot while moving the turntable as you can see.
    Fast-moving objects also, you can get as a clear image.
    It is very good at the inspection of the production lines and mobile.
    Demonstration machines are also available, so, please order us.