Image_Sensing_Show_2015 | TECHSPEC “Hypercentric lens” – Edmund Optics Japan Co., Ltd.

Edmund Optics Japan Co., Ltd. exhibits TECHSPEC “Hypercentric lens” in Image Sensing Show 2015
Edmond Optics Japan introduced the lens to produce a converged image of the object focusing the top and side portions of the object at the same time.

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    Hi there
    Our products, introducing this time, is this lens.
    It will not be able to see the sides in the normal lens.
    In this lens, you can see the side at a time from the top.
    For example, in this demonstration, things which has a white dot on the side with a certain width, flows.
    You can not check the white dot from the top in the normal lens.
    Using the lens, it can be confirmed at once.
    It is not made by assuming in a particular application.
    Illustrative example of delivery is confirmation of the thread.
    It is used to confirm the jagged side of the nut to be used in the screw.
    Please consider your use of this lens by all means.