Image_Sensing_Show_2015 | MTL series “Non-contact cylindrical shape measuring instrument” – Ken Automation Ltd.

Ken Automation Ltd. exhibits MTL series “Non-contact cylindrical shape measuring instrument” in Image Sensing Show 2015
Ken Automation Ltd. introduced a measuring apparatus for the shape, against the green LED light source in the work of cylindrical shape, such as a shaft, by detecting the shadow by the CCD sensors.

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    This is “VICI VISION MTL series”.
    It is a non-contact measuring instrument of the shaft shape.
    It measure the shape of the shaft, which was set in the apparatus.
    I will actually make it move.
    By irradiated with LED light from the right side, then it measure the scanned shadow on the left side.
    In its shadow, it will make the measurement of various shapes, the diameter and cylindricity-length.
    This way, just to scan once in the LED light, you can measure the measurement point which was set in advance.
    If it is conventional, since people measure with the measurement type methods, calipers, etc., it takes a very long time.
    Here, it is possible to measure in a single scan, short time to measure, it is a device that can shorten the tact time.
    Please consider the introduction of this.