CITE_JAPAN_2015 | S-FACE “10G-IS” – Sakamoto Yakuhin Kogyo Co., Ltd.

Sakamoto Yakuhin Kogyo Co., Ltd. exhibits S-FACE “10G-IS” in CITE JAPAN 2015
Sakamoto Yakuhin Kogyo introduced the emulsifier and solubilizing agent derived from plants, for to improve the hydrophilic, water-washable.

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  • Script

    It is a highly hydrophilic polyglycerol ester, derived from a plant, called “10G-IS”.
    Here, for the squalene, triacylglycerols and flavor for each, it can be formulated and solubilized with high transparency.
    Now the polyglycerol fatty acid esters, compared to the feedstock of petroleum-based, was known as solubilization performance is weak.
    To propose this highly hydrophilic polyglycerol, it will be possible which was impossible.
    And, also from the data obtained, we will see that the feeling is very different from that of the prior art.
    As for those of petroleum-based there was that sticky, heavy feel of the blended cosmetics.
    Those of this is characterized by less sticky and skin is very soft after you have painted.
    This component is Ecocert registered raw materials.
    Then, in making cosmetic products of plant origin, it enables solubilization that has been conventionally difficult.