CITE_JAPAN_2015 | Triple helix collagen – Taki Chemical Co., Ltd.

Taki Chemical Co., Ltd. exhibits Triple helix collagen in CITE JAPAN 2015
Taki Chemical introduced a high-purity collagen derived from fish scales that has not been confirmed the infectious virus to humans and the triple helix structure.

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    We handle the triple helix collagen extracted from fish scales.
    Our collagen is products of which the triple helix structure stored in the body was extracted directly in the solution.
    Collagen has the original triple helix structure.
    By being decomposed by heat, collagen becomes gelatin and it become further smaller, the peptide.
    This change is a non-reversible.
    Our products covers the original triple helix structure collagen.
    Originally there was a lot collagen derived from mammals.
    We use a collagen derived from fish, that there is no common virus with people.
    This is a sponge made of 100% collagen. This collagen derived from fish lyophilized.
    By dissolving in water, there are some products that can be used with high concentrations of collagen.
    Fish-derived collagen can be used to put the cream or lotion as the component of a water retention.
    Please contact us if you have any interest.