CITE_JAPAN_2015 | The changing hand serum “Twin Rich Serum” – Oriental Beauty Co., Ltd.

Oriental Beauty Co., Ltd. exhibits The changing hand serum “Twin Rich Serum” in CITE JAPAN 2015
Oriental Beauty introduced the hand serum that changes a semi-transparent gel to a white cream by spreading.

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  • Script

    We’ve developed this product for this exhibition.
    This product has a keyword “two”.
    The keyword, and rich feeling comes in the name.
    We will introduce a point that represents the “two”.
    In the beginning it is transparent.
    Then, it changes white when you spread.
    It is possible to enjoy in look and feel.
    Yet there is a moist and rich feeling.
    So it is named “Twin Rich Serum”.
    We actually put a look.
    First it is a transparent state.
    It is one of the fun if you spread it to change a white cream.
    This evaluation data is here.
    There is a data that increasing in skin moisture content, reduction of water loss, and increasing skin elasticity.
    Since this product is a new item, please try.