Wireless Japan 2015 | Wearable Terminal “WIT-220-N” – Welcat Co. Ltd.

Welcat Co. Ltd. exhibits Wearable Terminal “WIT-220-N” in Wireless Japan 2015
Welcat introduced the barcode reader that enables the reading in a state of being attached, such as on the wrist by the wearable of the handy terminal.

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  • Script

    We will introduce our wearable barcode reader terminal.
    This device is wearable terminal to read the bar code.
    It is a new product because it just was released last year.
    There was a handy terminal as a conventional barcode reader.
    Most of the people used it.
    It is free to both hands by wearing it.
    Read barcode when necessary, and resume work.
    It is the benefit of this equipment that both hands can be kept a free state even when repeating the work like that.
    Reading can be done simply by holding up as this.
    In picking work, the collation of things is done.
    In case of handy terminal, hold a device, read, return the equipment, and move the thing.
    In the case of wearable terminal, performs a reading, then you can back to work immediately.
    It is said to be a big feature.
    In the conventional picking work, I think wearable way is very useful.
    As you can see, you can take things, reading on the spot while pushing the trolley.
    Without stopping the task, immediately you can turn to the next task.
    From such a thing, it can be said that it is suitable for picking work.