Wireless Japan 2015 | 920MHz band communication module compatible communication unit – Nippon Antenna Co., Ltd.

Nippon Antenna Co., Ltd. exhibits 920MHz band communication module compatible communication unit in Wireless Japan 2015
Nippon Antenna introduced a total solution using a sensor, antenna, unit of 920MHz band communication module.

Web Site:http://www.nippon-antenna.co.jp/

  • Script

    We are now developed a wireless module for the 920MHz band.
    Here it is incorporated in the communication unit, motion sensors, illumination sensor, power control unit.
    We have exhibited a demonstration to put the lights on when a person crosses.
    Here is one of the demonstration.
    We are thinkgin the overall solution of antenna communication module and our 920MHz band, and a waterproof case of our own.
    Actually with the module of 920MHz, it is possible to collect a variety of data to the parent machine.
    The use the data to another module, we believe that it can be applied to such cloud processing.
    We think it can be used by developer dealing with such a cloud-ready companies and communication modules.