Wireless Japan 2015 | Telescopic pole for base station in case of disaster “TPM mast series” – Yuasa Koki Co., Ltd.

Yuasa Koki Co., Ltd. exhibits Telescopic pole for base station in case of disaster “TPM mast series” in Wireless Japan 2015
Yuasa Koki introduced the pillars of the antenna which can extend a pole with a foot pump. It is moved by the truck with the jack so that it can be used as the base station at the time of a disaster.

Web Site:http://www.yuasakk.co.jp/

  • Script

    Hi there
    This time, we are on display the mast system for base station for disaster.
    It is strut system for lifting the antenna, mounted on the top, to the high place.
    This time, we have exhibited a stand that was newly developed.
    Dolly has attached, so it can be portable.
    Then, with the jack-up system, it can cope with height.
    For the lifting, I will use a foot pump.
    One that is on display this time will extend to eight meters.
    It will fully extended in about a minute and a half.
    Even when lower, disconnect the air, you can immediately accommodated by loosening the handle of each stage.
    Other things, that are on display this time, is NHN system mast of a similar mechanism.
    Thick, and it will be put heavy things.
    We have exhibited a total of four types of wall mounting and manually extending.
    Those has feature of easy to carry, and lightweight.
    Thank you very much in advance.