Wireless Japan 2015 | IoT / M2M closed connection service – istream Ltd.

istream Ltd. exhibits IoT / M2M closed connection service in Wireless Japan 2015
istream introduced the IoT / M2M solutions to build a secure communication path between a particular server by the mobile phone network and the cloud.

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  • Script

    Here, as a demonstration of the closed network using the SIM, we have been introduced the content management for people with dementia in the video.
    Originally, as a subject to get used to those of dementia, it is a video created by skilled company.
    There was a desire to manage the contents strictly.
    As this demonstration, a device terminal that is connected to the mobile phone network is here.
    It also offers content server.
    In this screen, you can see the information that sent from the server.
    Tap here to make the exchange of authentication information with the content server.
    As a result, the movie will play.
    Because the size of this video is very large, so once the encrypted contents was held in the terminal, it has to work with the exchange only key information.
    Because a sending method from the server can also be flexible, it can be selected in the operation.
    In this manner, by utilizing the feature of closed network, it can be used as simple and convenient network.
    It is the feature that it can be available in all Japan area.
    We will introduce the new services that are scheduled to be released in this July.
    It can be managed a lot of SIM flexibly.
    As one of the functions, it can manage as a group of the several SIMs.
    For example, it can also manage ten SIMs by a single one of the amount of data management, but also supports the total amount of data.
    At the same time, as this demonstration, we performed exhibition of the WiFi router.
    Here, at the management screen of the SIM, in addition to the data use fees and limit setting, you can be done the setting the WiFi router at the same time.
    Device equipment controler has connected to the current WiFi router.
    Here is the one to control the power of ON or OFF.
    As you can see, the fan spins when the power is turned on.
    It is this simple demonstration, it is a WiFi router that can operate the various equipment through a serial line.
    In this cloud management screen, it is characterized by the management of SIM and WiFi management can be done at the same time.