EDIX2015 | E-learning learning management system “iTutor LS” – Miraika Ltd.

Miraika Ltd. exhibits E-learning learning management system “iTutor LS” in EDIX2015
Miraika Introduced the LMS platform to manage the E-learning teaching materials created in iTutor.

Web Site:http://www.miraica.co.jp/

  • Script

    Hi there
    We will introduce the LSM platform that is available in our company.
    Here is a LMS that open-source e-learning platform (moodle) based.
    It is introduced in many university system and companies in all the world.
    I make a brief description of the function.
    You can share your content in various forms, such as PowerPoint, videos and PDF.
    By using the content creation software which is sold together with our LMS, SCORM package is easy to generate at the same time.
    This is an excellent package for learning.
    In existing ones, it had ended with only implementation of the test.
    By using the SCORM package, you can manage simple learning.
    For example, tests and scores also can manage.
    To fit the skill level of the student, the teacher can announce to the students.
    If you could have been considering the introduction of e-learning, we recommend a small start package of low-cost, small capacity.