EDIX2015 | Automatic scoring AI system – ICT Educational Laboratory

ICT Educational Laboratory exhibits Automatic scoring AI system in EDIX2015
ICT Educational Laboratory introduced a system that can perform scoring with the artificial intelligence for the optical character recognition system, whose handwriting recognition is 99.8% accuracy.

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  • Script

    Hi there
    This time, we have introduced the automatic scoring system utilizing AI.
    The automatic scoring system has two entrances.
    1st, for people who has already introduced a tablet and ICT equipment.
    The other, customers who have scored on a conventional paper.
    For those who are using the tablet, we offer our application for the tablet.
    By sending the answer to the computer on the application, there is a way to be automatic scoring.
    In the peper scoring, I think that it has been using OCR for the current handwriting scoring.
    OCR recognition rate has been said that up to 80 percent.
    To raise the percent is said to be very difficult.
    By supplementing the OCR in artificial intelligence, it is characteristic that to achieve a 99.8% recognition rate.
    As for the answer sheet written in paper, read by a scanner, artificial intelligence will return the data to the analysis.
    Data, it is possible to capture automatically to the management system that is available in another, you can connect to the performance management of each student.
    Reduce the effort for scoring until late at night, you can allocate time to the work that must be done.
    Also in automatic scoring system, there can not be done.
    Basically, it can score that one answer has been determined to one question.
    If there are a lot of answers, it can not be scored those to need thinking.
    It will do the scoring against what the answer has been determined.
    As for a good example, the selection problem or a four-character idioms, the kanji, personal names.
    The one question for one answer will perform the automatic scoring.
    For word question, etc., teachers should score, and need to understand what is the answer of students.
    Please perform a scoring themselves as usual.
    By leveraging artificial intelligence a large amount of scoring, I think that it is effectively devote the effort.