Mobac_Show_2015 | Bread bag with illustrations “PP bread bag / face series” – PAQUET DU SOLEIL

PAQUET DU SOLEIL exhibits Bread bag with illustrations “PP bread bag / face series” in Mobac Show 2015
They introduced bread bags with a cute illustrations, such as smile and panda, .

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  • Script

    We are doing mail-order of packages used in the bakery.
    In this exhibition, I have been introduced the original products of our company.
    Various bread bag that can be used in bakery, containers, paper products, polyvinyl products, we have arranged many others.
    The recommendation one is the bag of face.
    It is one loaf bag selling a year ago.
    It is very popular.
    Last fall, we added a panda and beard.
    Since these are also popular, we added a bear.
    We added Jack-o’-lantern that can be used for Halloween season, and a child’s face as new products.
    The one loaf bag with these face is sold in only our company.
    And only our company also has these lineup.
    Please refer to this opportunity.
    Most recommended, it is the introduction of face series of one loaf bag.