Mobac_Show_2015 | Bread depanner “Mechanical depanner” – Fujisawa-Maruzen Ltd.

Fujisawa-Maruzen Ltd. exhibits Bread depanner “Mechanical depanner” in Mobac Show 2015
They introduced the depanner utilizing the centrifugal force of the reversed drum and take off the bread from the case.

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    This is depanner machine for bread.
    It also can respond to the type of pastry other than bread.
    There are also about 80% share of the leading manufacturer of Japan, there are a number of export for the southeast asia.
    Compatible for soft bread, it is characterized by depanning without an impact by making the bread closer to conveyor.
    As it’s feature, 450 cases per hour in the single type.
    In dual-type, a standard is 700 cases per hour.
    You can design according to the shop type layout.
    Please contact us.