Events_JAPAN 2015 | Carry lightly & easy “Compact display” – Days Nouvelle Ltd.

Days Nouvelle Ltd. exhibits Carry lightly & easy “Compact display” in Events JAPAN 2015
They introduced the system display that can be carried in a compact, such as banner stand or large flag.

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  • Script

    This time, we have exhibited a flag, banner stand, etc.
    Our products are all compact and can carry.
    Carry is simple, it is just what you carry lightly.
    As for the banner stand, pole has standing behind.
    Since it is self-supporting, also pole is folded when stored.
    Next is a large flag.
    This is in 4.8 meters.
    It is very noticeable.
    Hole is open, it is intended to reduce about 20% the effect of the wind.
    Since conspicuous, I think to be effective in attracting customers.
    After that, also I have exhibited questionnaire analyzer system.
    Those that take the questionnaire on a TV show is what you have systematized.
    It can use in a variety of locations.
    Such as for symposiums and contests, briefings of job hunting, the system can be used.
    You can participate in their own smartphone.
    The benefits is that you can participate from anywhere.
    A system in general, initial cost is about 400,000.
    In the case of our company, initial cost is 30,000, and served in the 35,000 per day.
    I have proposed quite cheaply.