Events_JAPAN 2015 | Cocktail show performance – KATSU NUMBERS

KATSU NUMBERS exhibits Cocktail show performance in Events JAPAN 2015
They introduced the service to perform a cocktail performance by the world tournament champion of flare bartender.

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  • Script

    This time we exhibited the content, the performance of the flare bartender.
    Bartender turn shaker here and the bottle as juggling.
    He can throw up, catch at the back, make a compelling performance.
    He is Ushiki Katsumi.
    He is the world champion of 2012 flare bartender.
    Also registered to Cirque du Soleil, he is the performer who are active throughout the country.
    Since we also have a large number of flare bartender and performer, and I want to now spread to everyone.
    Please contact me if you wish your request.
    Thank you.
    To create a cocktail by a performance from now.
    Please watch.