Events_JAPAN 2015 | Events JAPAN 2015 – Glasses-free 3D video conversion service “ADDepth3D Signage”

M-Soft Ltd. exhibits Glasses-free 3D video conversion service “ADDepth3D Signage” in Events JAPAN 2015
They introduced the service to make 3D image from production to exhibition.

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  • Script

    Hi there
    Product here is the signage device that enables to see the 3D images with the naked eye.
    Because not from the Japanese manufacturer, our company has exhibited what was imported from Europe this time.
    Since our company is a software company, it is not to sell signage equipment.
    We have developed a system to convert an ordinary video taken by the 2D to 3D.
    You can see the processing result of the conversion using the system on the screen.
    Unfortunately, a 3D image is not seen in this video, you can enjoy a 3D image without glasses in the actual equipment.
    Such as exhibitions and store promotions, we believe it to be utilized.
    Thank you.