HCR 2014 | Labor Research respirator fitting tester – SIBATA SCIENTIFIC TECHNOLOGY LTD.

SIBATA SCIENTIFIC TECHNOLOGY LTD. exhibits Labor Research respirator fitting tester in HCR2014
They introduced a mask fitting tester that can be used in the selection mask, the fitting confirmation and guidance of the mask. It measure automatically the number of particles of the mask inside and outside by displaying the leak rate.

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  • Script

    This item is a device to ensure that you are wearing the mask correctly.
    Mask is effective in the incoming air through the filter.
    However, it is not effective the air entering through the gap of the mask and face.
    It has been using the device here for the measures.
    It will measure the amount of dust inside and outside of the mask wearing.
    It measures how much outside air is in the inside of the mask.
    By the percent display, it can be used for infection prevention measures.
    I will demonstrate.
    I am wearing the mask first.
    Next, I put from the side of the mask test guide.
    So I press the button.
    Then, an indication that the leakage rate of 5.25% came out this time.