INTERPHEX JAPAN 2014 | Digital microscope “KH-8700″ – Hirocks, Inc.

Hirocks, Inc. exhibits Digital microscope “KH-8700″ in 27th INTERPHEX JAPAN
They introduced a digital microscope that combines a variety of features such as the shooting of videos and measurement technology with accurate numerical information, high-resolution 3D image by observation.

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  • Script

    This is Hiocks.
    This is our TV type’s microscope, digital microscope.
    There are three functions of observation, measurement, recorded.
    For observation, from 0 up to 7000 times, the magnification ratio is the industry’s largest.
    I will introduce the rotary head feature.
    It has projected a cigarette now, the tip of the lens rotate.
    The lens is straight in this state, but you can see the tobacco from various angles.
    I attached mirror prism chip to the tip of the lens.
    I see diagonally from there.
    By rotating a motor, it can be inspected from various angles without moving the subject.
    As for the measurement function, it has the ability to measure the width, area, angle, on the screen.
    There is also auto-count function using color, in addition to it.
    Also in addition to the measurement of plane direction, 3-D measurement is possible by the image synthesis.
    It can do height, depth, and 3D measurement on the screen.
    This is an example of a 3D image.
    This is an image synthesized to expand the 10 yen coin.
    You can check the height to display the coordinate axes.
    Show the blue line in this way, you can pinch the location.
    Then, part of the blue line is reflected in the profile portion of the upper.
    By using this, the measurement of the heights and depths are possible.
    With record function, it can save a still image, also save the movie like this.
    The video has many amount of information than a still image, it has been used in applications such as for use in presentations in-house.