INTERPHEX JAPAN 2014 | Semi-automatic filling machine “WF-1M” – Nakakin Ltd.

Nakakin Ltd. exhibits Semi-automatic filling machine “WF-1M” in 27th INTERPHEX JAPAN
to minimize foaming by filling nozzle to follow the liquid surface, and introduce a filling machine which can perform with high accuracy filling amount by the load cell.

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    This is our filling machine.
    It is a demonstration using an acrylic container, a motif of18-liter square can.
    Nozzle moves up and down like this, and then doing the filling following the liquid surface.
    To prevent splashing and foaming of the liquid by doing so.
    I have filled in the container now, but filling is possible also for other containers like this.
    Features of this filling machine is 99 types of programs.
    Filling to match each container is available.
    What we are proud is the lack of error of filling.
    A good point is the accuracy, about ± 5g in an error, respectively.
    This weight has been sensed by the weight measurement portion of the lower.
    It is filled with good accuracy as of this display.
    We are also pump manufacturers, using our pump enables the filling to be more accurate.