INTERPHEX JAPAN 2014 | Magnetic stick mixer “Alpha Laval MM UltraPure” – Alfa Laval, Inc.

Alfa Laval, Inc. exhibits Magnetic stick mixer “Alpha Laval MM UltraPure” in 27th INTERPHEX JAPAN
As the bearings are not in contact with the magnetic force, a full discharge is possible in a mixer, without causing the particles or wear, even in a dry state.

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    I will introduce magnetic stick mixer “Alpha Laval MM UltraPure”.
    Unlike the usual overhead stirrer, this product do not have a seal.
    Therefore, the generation of waste from the seal, during operation, can be minimal.
    As you see, part of the wing has been suspended by a magnetic force.
    with normal wings, when the air operation occurs during cleaning of the tank, the system must be stopped.
    Because it is suspended, from the feature of non-contact, this type can be operated even in empty tank.
    In addition, you may continue as it is, also when cleaning the tank.
    In other words, it is possible to drive until the tank is empty, there is no need to stop at the time of discharge of the product.
    It is possible to use up all the capacity of the tank.
    Slow agitation by 8 blade is possible.
    We look forward you to see our products that combine the features of these.