INTERPHEX JAPAN 2014 | All stainless steel 7-axis robot “MSR05N” – Airex Co., Ltd.

Airex Co., Ltd. exhibits All stainless steel 7-axis robot “MSR05N” in 27th INTERPHEX JAPAN
They Introduced the robot arm of the full stainless steel with washability and durable such as hydrogen peroxide.

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  • Script

    This is the Airex.
    We have exhibited all stainless steel 7-axis robot “MSR05N”.
    We added the ability to get a robot to do the work that people usually do, in isolator.
    Just now it scrape out with a handle.
    This simulate the filtration performance of vacuum dryer.
    There are three this axis.
    It recover the instrument in the filter dryer.
    What people were doing until now could not figure out how much the recovery is made.
    I teached robot in advance.
    By changing the way of holding the instrument axis of various shapes, we make the robot moving in the most efficient results.
    By using this, without human intervention, sterility safe isolation system is completed.
    Please examine.