Dressing with tasty oil “feast magic” – Riken Vitamin Co., Ltd.

It is Riken Vitamin Co., Ltd.
It is magic dressing to introduce by supermarket trade show 2014.
We were specialized in non-oil, but we sell dressing with oil for the first time.
We developed this for the people not good at vegetables including the child and man.
There is four kinds of taste to this product.
Butter soy sauce, fried cheese, bulgogi, sesame leek salt.
I prepare the taste that is very popular among a man and children.
In addition, I cared about oil of the dressing very much.
Taste of vegetable and meat is added in this oil.
As a result, quantity of addition becomes 1/2, and the calorie is 1/2, too.
It is February 10, 2014 release, all over Japan.
The television commercial goes, too.
Thank you for your cooperation.